To enhance the overall sports experience of men and women student athletes, working to get to the next level in their sport. Whether it’s High school to college, or college to the professional level, we are committed to providing professional quality services in the area of sports and entertainment. By live broadcasting, pre and post game interviews, gives family members, friends and coaches around the world the opportunity to hear their favorite athletes broadcasted over the internet. We are also committed to give businesses that can’t afford traditional advertising methods a way to advertise their products and services to the world via the internet.

The WBGR Sports Networks vision is to have its own facility to train and hire those studying to be in the sports industry. This also gives veterans the opportunity to cross train into the industry. To send crews out to live broadcast and cover the games and be the eyes and ears for colleges Division 3 to Division 1 and professional teams as well. It is our vision to have a staff of qualified sports professionals to compete with those already in the industry but also maintain and grow our own market.